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Welcome to Alpha Project's Wikipedia!

Welcome, everyone! We are a group of fellow members of a small group known as Alpha Project. Our goal is to add/modify and make the gameplay for tronners easier to deal with. We are also a group who create game modes that could be called "not normal". On top of that, we are an active members who work tirelessly to bring tron to good style.

This is, as you can see, a wikipedia styled website containing some of the vast information for the things, plans and the additions Alpha Project has made to the gaming society of Armagetron Advanced. Below are the list of headlines that will help you navigate through the website. There are also helpful hints given in the side panel.


The list of clan accounted members.


Documentation on related items for the game.


The latest updates and any downloads available can be found.


The list of features that make sty+ct+ap special.

Ladderlog Events

Events or commands that are issued to the .../var/ladderlog.txt This is also the place where the latest sty+ct+ap commits for this will be placed!


List of commands and how to use them, mainly the ones sty+ct+ap installed.


All scripts that have been custom made can be found here. Might /not be useful, decision on using them is up to you.


Website Source

Wnat to get the source to this awesome website? Click on here and go get it!